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First 14 days of new asphalt driveway are critical

  • Do not drive on the first 3-5 days

  • Park on your driveway after 14 critical days and only park during the cool part of the day

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Proper ways on how to take care your new asphalt driveways

Your new asphalt driveway not only requires improvement to add beauty to your property, it also requires proper care and maintenance so it could last longer. Asphalt driveways costs over its entire lifetime, so to avoid expensive repair and service, it is better to have it maintained properly.  A-1 Paving will help you and your new asphalt driveway to have a long life. To attain this, here are some care and maintenance tips to help you.

Your new asphalt driveway is critical in the first 2 weeks. Learn the Do's and Don’ts’ to properly manage it with the help of our expert and professional team.

The Curing period

Since the asphalt is oil based, the next 100 days of the new asphalt driveway are the period where it could be cured. During this entire season, special safety measures must be obtained.

  • Prohibit heavy trucks in the driveway

  • Make sure that boat jacks, bicycle stand, sharp objects, etc. are off the surface

  • Avoid parking on the asphalt during the hottest part of the day

  • Avoid parking heavy vehicles for long period of time during the first season

  • If vehicles need to be parked for a longer period of time, place plywood under the tires to allot its weight

  • When your car is stopped, do not turn the steering wheel