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Experience the cooling benefits

An asphalt driveway gives you only the option of a dark grey or black surface, which absorbs an incredible amount of heat in the summer. Oil and stone lets your property stay cooler.


The lighter surface absorbs less heat for less damage and greater comfort.

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Create an attractive, easy to maintain driveway

Oil and stone driveways, also known as tar and chip driveways, are made by embedding colored stone chips into a bed of tar. This creates a solid, sturdy, and easy-to-maintain driveway that is an ideal complement to homes and businesses.

Create the appealing, traditional look of a gravel driveway at a lower price and with less maintenance with oil and stone driveways.

Enjoy the benefits of oil and stone

Welcome yourself home with a driveway that is beautiful and durable for lasting performance.

- Oil and stone driveways are fast to install so you have a more beautiful entrance sooner

- Customized options means you can create a seamless complement to your home and landscaping

- These driveways need no sealing and little cleaning, making them easy to maintain.